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  • 01.Scale
    The global diamond industry has a market value of
    $80 Billion Dollars. Synthetic diamonds are encroaching
    on their territory, with Lab Grown Diamonds soon taking over.
  • 02.Form
    Morgan Stanley’s Neri Tollardo is advocating the shift in position
    on the use of Lab Grown Diamonds. Detailing by 2020
    the Lab Grown Diamonds industry will expand by five times.
  • 03.Expansion
    For Industrial Use
    • World market scale of year 2016: US$16.2 billion
    • World market scale estimated for year 2022: US$27.6 billion
    For Jewelry ( * subject of current project)
    • World market scale of year 2016: US$1.5 million
    • World market scale estimated for year 2022: US$1.05 billion
  • 01.Traceability
    PURE DIAMONDS differ from conventional diamonds in terms of transparency of transactions. This is thanks to the introduction of blockchain technology and implementing technology that ensures the reliability of diamond of PURE DIAMOND Network. From this, risks like purchasing fakes can be minimized.
  • 02.Platform
    It is possible to sustain the value of an actual lab-grown diamond due to appraisal data and transaction records’ associated network as well as present this information to users in an easy-to-understand format.
  • 03.Profitability
    The value of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are supported by the consumption of electricity through mining. Because the power consumption and the value of the virtual currency are not linked however, there is a lack of stability in its value. However, in PURE DIAMOND COIN, it is not dependent on mining. It is possible to maintain a stable value and profit because the token is issued in concurrence with the value of a real lab-grown diamond.
  • 01.System
    PURE DIAMOND Network uses blockchain technology and implements encrypted P2P on the network. Therefore, it doesn't depend on the central control management and functions as a non-centralized type. It is possible to communicate equitably and distribute non-falsifiable information.
    Each PURE DIAMOND manufactured by PURE DIAMOND FARM is individually inscribed. PURE DIAMOND ASSET will be generated on PURE DIAMOND Network as data associated with a PURE DIAMOND DATA certificate and traceability.
  • 02.Blockchain
    PURE DIAMOND Network has studied new blockchain technology that is developing all over the world and actively implemented new technologies that is most appropriate for its properties in various aspects. We aim to build our own infrastructure that updates and improves constantly. Also, by developing an original blockchain, it becomes possible to build an original recognition algorithm, which enables us to calculate an actual physical amount of PURE DIAMOND and assigning revenue according to the mined amount. Real mining of this kind will become possible.
  • 03.Token Economy
    By PURE DIAMOND COIN − a cryptographic token that is built on PURE DIAMOND Network − PURE DIAMOND Token Economy will be created.In this way, an actual red diamond, which is prized for their rarity, or a new rainbow diamond can be grown. This potential can give birth to a new Token Economy that never existed before. In addition, we aim to use PURE DIAMOND COIN actually in the real world as a mode of settlement for goods or services on the Network.
    PURE DIAMOND Token Economy will become the driving force of the economy through the sustainable circulation of PURE DIAMOND COIN. As the market to promote the distribution of PURE DIAMOND COIN, PURE DIAMOND EXCHANGE will open in order to trade PURE DIAMOND COIN. The exchange can be done so independently from us as PURE DIAMOND EXCHANGE works as a Decentralized EXCHANGE (DEX) system. Asset outflow doesn't occur in conventional centralized exchange through hacking because of high transparency safety.
  • 01

    The board of directors has had over 60 years of diamond industory and jewellery inidustory experience shared between them.
  • 02

    Market Trends
    The diamond industory trend is shifting towards the adoption and manufacturing of 'Lab Grown Diamonds'.
    Large companies such as De Beers are currently advocationg them in their product lines.
  • 03

    We store all information on an encrypted P2P network. Blockchain technology allows traceability and transparency on everything associated with Pure Diamond from Pure Diamond Farm.
  • 04

    Our diamonds are mot 'synthetic', we re-create the rare conditions that are required for real diamonds to from inside a controlled environment. And 'generate' real, true Diamonds.
    This is 'Pure Diamond'.

What is lab-grown diamond

The difference between natural-diamonds and lab-Grown diamond is only the production process.

Natural diamond
Chemical formula C
Thermal conductivity High
Crystal structure Cubic
Mohs hardness 10
Density [g/㎠] 3.51
Refractive index 2.42
Optical dispersion 0.044
Lab-Grown Diamond
Chemical formula C
Thermal conductivity High
Crystal structure Cubic
Mohs hardness 10
Density [g/㎠] 3.51
Refractive index 2.42
Optical dispersion 0.044
Cubic zirconia
Chemical formula ZrO2
Thermal conductivity Low
Crystal structure Cubic
Mohs hardness 8.25
Density [g/㎠] 5.50-6.00
Refractive index 2.16
Optical dispersion 0.060
Chemical formula SiC
Thermal conductivity High
Crystal structure Hexagonal
Mohs hardness 9.25
Density [g/㎠] 3.21
Refractive index 2.65-2.69
Optical dispersion 0.104
Natural diamond C High Cubic 10 3.51 2.42 0.044
Lab-Grown Diamond C High Cubic 10 3.51 2.42 0.044
Cubic zirconia ZrO2 Low Cubic 8.25 5.50-6.00 2.16 0.060
Moissanite SiC High Hexagonal 9.25 3.21 2.65-2.69 0.104

Lab-grown Diamond is a world-class appraiser and can acquire appraisal certificates.

Natural Diamond
Lab-Grown Diamond

Trial calculation



Chris Yang

chris yang graduated from bachelor and master of information system of Nanyang Technological University. He started his blockchain journey from 2013. Previously he worked as the lead developer from the biggest south east Asia gaming company Garena

Hiroaki Ishizuka

March 2008 completed department of information science,graduate school of sciences of Kanagawa Unversity
April 2008 Entered Tomei Diamond Co.,Ltd.
November 2011 President & CEO of Tomei Diamond Co.,Ltd.
April 2017 Establish ALMAZ JAPAN INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd.,President & CEO of ALMAZ JAPAN INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd.

Shigy Ishida

1962:Born in Tokyo
1984:After graduation from college, study abroad in Tel Aviv University of Israel
1986:Enterd AP Co.,Ltd. Transferred to resident of Antwerp Diamond Exchange,Belgium
1990:The only agent in Japan of Sarin Technologies Ltd.
1993:Became President & CEO of of AP Co., Ltd.
2004:Established Le Chocolat du Diamant Co., Ltd.
2006:Became outside company auditor of MEDIASEEK,inc.
2010:Opened 『AFRICA DIAMONDS Tokyo midtown store』
2013:Became outside company auditor of DD holdings Inc.(present post)
2013:The agent in Japan of HRD Antwerp Equipment
2014:Became director of Shoot Boxing Association
2017:Appointed to Diamonds & Antwerp Ambassador by Belgium
2017:Established Pure Diamand Co., Ltd.

Takuya Ito
Managing director

1980:Born in Yamaguchi
2000:Entered AP Co.,Ltd.
2004:Became general manager of the only agent in Japan of Sarine Technologies Ltd.
2008:Became PR manager of Le Chocolat du Diamant Co., Ltd.
2010:Lanuched new brand as brand manager of 『AFRICA DIAMONDS』
2013:Became general manager of the only agent in Japan of of HRD Antwerp Equipment
2017:Became senior Managing Director of Pure Diamond Co.,Ltd.
2018:Held synthetic diamond seminar in International Jewelery Exhibition of Kobe

Hideyuki Abe

Career:born in 1976.
2001 Became advisor of open tide Japan SAMUSANG MPEON ASIA of Korea SAMSUNG group
2007 Became advisor of Dalian brothers record Co., Ltd.
2012 Became advisor of EnterCrews Inc.
2015 Became Officially Authorized Agent of Chia Tai Group (Member of C.P.Group)
2015 Became President & CEO of Siam Partners Inc.(present post) 2016 Established OTOBOTOKe, INC. became present of OTOBOTOKe, INC.(present post)
2018 Became director of 21Lady (present post)

Kouichi Azuma

Born in Wakayama.Established clothing import business from Manila, Philippines from 2006.At the same time,he learnt knowledge of IT field by self.Established website creation,web marketing and promotion company in 2008 and became the president. Became senior managing director (Japan branch) of international charity Variety headquartered in Los Angeles with history more than 90 years in 2014. Became CEO of Japan branch in 2015 and held the biggest funding event of "Minions-run" in Japan in 2016. Mobilized 60,000 people in Japan as general prodcuer.(achieved Japanese record )Got Innovation award in international conference of Variety held in England. Went over to America alone and visited Silicon Valley etc.Then learnt business of America and started application development, operation and system development business in LA. Established US corporation of wamoeba,Inc. and became CEO. Became CEO of CAPITA, Inc.in Januaray,2018.

Jun Kawasaki

Born in 1991. His mother was a prominent illustrator engaged in the movie production of "Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro" and suffered from Asperger's syndrome. He also suffered from a developmental disorder and has a problem consciousness in "A society where people with a developmental disorder cannot fully utilize their talent". He did not sense the meaning of entering high school, therefore started to work as an engineer from the age of 15 and launched several IT venture startups such as Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc. As a result, he has experienced some business divestiture and officer work so far. He was recently active as a COO at the Web 3D / VR (Virtual Reality) venture, AMATELUS Inc. (USA). After retirement, he does decide to tackle with a "Creation of a society where persons with a developmental disorder can be active" that is one of his life-work.




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  • Pure Diamond Conference Singapore
    August 2, 2018
  • Pure Diamond Conference Japan
    August 25, 2018
  • Pure Diamond Conference Korea
    September 5, 2018

Conference Movies


What is PDC?
Pure Diamond Coin is a cryptocurrency that is used for the purchase of lab-grown diamonds that cultivated from the Pure Diamond Project.
What are Lab Grown Diamonds?
Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds cultivated or ‘grown’ from a 100% pure carbon material in a controlled environment. They share identical chemical, physical and optical properties with natural diamonds allowing them to be certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) recognizing that they are indeed diamonds in their own category.
What are the values of Lab
Grown Diamonds in the market?
The market for lab-grown diamonds are expanding at an unprecedented rate, it is estimated that by the year 2020, the market will be approximately 5 times bigger.
Why does it need to be a cryptocurrency?
We use our own cryptocurrency (PDC) to regulate the lab-grown diamond market because it enables us to implement blockchain technology. In short, it provides security and transparency offering consumers with peace of mind, exchanging lab-grown diamonds with full knowledge of its origin, quality etc.
You are the first company in Japan to utilize this technology, but there are also other competitors that are manufacturing lab-grown diamonds, what makes your company stand out?
There exist other competitors yes, but we are currently applying for a patent for our advanced technologies. What sets us apart from the rest of the competition is the fact that we implement blockchain technologies, ensuring security and transparency across all stages of the pipeline. This digital portfolio is then given to the end-consumer adding value to their purchase as are provided with additional information such as the origin, birth-date quality etc.
What is the difference between
PDC and other cryptos?
What sets Pure Diamond Coins (PDCs) apart from its competitors is the fact that it is associated with a ‘real asset’. Most cryptocurrencies are distributed without the consumer ever seeing the physical/tangible product. The fact that PDCs value is ‘pegged’ onto a collateral, Japanese lab-grown diamonds, achieves a more stable price for the token. Moreover, as more lab-grown diamonds are produced, the value of PDCs will inevitably appreciate, making this cryptocurrency very competitive and attractive to consumers.
Why do you need ICO?
The initial coin offering (ICO) is used to fund R&D and invest in capital to ensure a sustainable and steady generation of lab-grown diamonds.
Where is laboratory located?
Due to the fact that our laboratory is the first of its kind, this information is strictly confidential. So, we are unable to provide you with specifics.
What is the max supply?
The total number of all Pure Diamond Coins (PDC) tokens issued is the total number of token sale participants at the end of ICO. We set the total issue upper limit as 150% of all tokens.
Will PDC be listed on other
Exchange after ICO?
We are negotiating with several exchanges.
Do you have a bounty or referral campaign?
Yes, for more bounty information please follow this link: https://purediamond-ico.com/bounty/
Referral program is coming soon as well.
Why is there such limited information available on the White Paper?
This is due to the fact that all information we provide must undergo qualified legal checks, more information will be updated in due course so be sure to check back regularly.
How can I participate in the pre-sale crowd-sale?
You can participate in the initial coin offering (ICO) by following this link here: https://pd-coin.io/login
Are there minimum and maximum purchases?
Our minimum purchase is 1000 PDCs. We do not have a maximum limit on how many tokens. you can purchase.
What is your ICO schedule?
Pre-sale SEP.1 - SEP.25 | 1PDC = $0.12 equivalent
Phase 1 OCT.5 - OCT.30 | 1PDC = $0.16 equivalent
Phase 2 NOV.5 - NOV.30 1PDC = $0.21 equivalent
Which currencies and wallets do you accept?
To purchase Pure Diamond Coins (PDCs), we accept BTC, ETH, BCH, ETC, and any wallets compatible with ERC-223/ERC-20 tokens.
Are there any countries exempt from participating in the ICO?
No. All participants from all countries can participate in the ICO.
When is the token distribution?
PDC token distribution will be implemented during DEC 15 - DEC 31
What wallet types are compatible with PDC?
Pure Diamond Coins are an ERC-223 type-token. ERC-223 tokens are backwards compatible with ERC-20 tokens, which means that any wallet that can accept or are compatible with ERC-20/223 type tokens can accept PDCs. An example of a wallet that is compatible with ERC-20/223 tokens is MyEtherWallet (MEW).
Why would the value of PDC increase?
This is due to the nature that there is a limit to the number of PDCs in circulation, and because PDCs are used exclusively to purchase and exchange lab-grown diamonds. As the demand for lab-grown diamonds increase, so does the demand for PDCs, and because there is a limited number of PDCs in supply, the price will gradually increase with demand.