Our Airdrop campaign has already ended.
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I participated in the Airdrop
but I have not received the PDC tokens.
PDC tokens will be distributed to participants within one month after the ICO commences on NOV 30
Where can I check if my tokens have arrived?
You can use Ethplorer to check your wallet. ( *replace xxxx with your wallet address.
Do I need to put an ‘@’ in
front of the Telegram ID to join the group?
Yes, the ID will not work unless you put an ‘@’ before it.
How many tokens will I receive?
All participant receive 100PDC
How long will the Airdrop last?
It ends on SEP 25.
Is KYC required?
Yes,you need to pass KYC to receive airdrop tokens.
Do you have a referral program?
No, we do not currently have a referral program.
How do I participate?
You can participate by clicking this link here and following the instructions. (
Where do I look for help?
If you have any questions please send an email to Please do not ask in our official Telegram group.
I do not have a Facebook or Twitter account.
Can I skip this step?
Unfortunately, it is required by all participants to complete all steps, and enter all necessary information on the form for them to meet our conditions and comply with our terms of service.
Do I need to participate in the Telegram Group?
Yes, in order to qualify as a participant for the Airdrop, you need to become part of PDC’s community up until the distribution of the Airdrop.
I participated Round 1 Airdrop.
Can I participate Round 2 Airdrop as well?
No, you can only partcipate once.