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June 2018

  • Design Pure Diamond Network System
  • Design Digital Asset System with PDA Token

August 2018

  • Shipments of raw ore exported to Pure Diamond Type-0 facilities

November 2018

  • Order production equipment for Pure Diamond
  • Development of Pure Diamond Network System 1.0 commences.
  • Development of DEX exchange - Pure Diamond Exchange commences.
  • Development of Pure Diamond Wallet commences.
  • Development of settlement system by PDC token commences.
  • Development of digital asset application by PDA token commences.

December 2018

  • Secure land for Pure Diamond Manufacturing plant

January 2019

  • Announce prototype of Fancy Diamond (Fancy Coloured Diamonds)
  • Start R&D of rare coloured diamonds

April 2019

  • Completion of the Pure Diamond manufacturing plant

May 2019

  • Pure Diamond manufacturing plant setup completion, test run begins
  • Open Pure Diamond Exchange β (DEX)

July 2019

  • Pure Diamond manufacturing plant operates at maximum capacity
  • Pure Diamond raw ore stones are exported

August 2019

  • Transition to original blockchain Pure Diamond Network System 1.0
  • Distribute Pure Diamond Wallet to consumers

November 2019

  • Pure Diamond Exchange (DEX) update
  • PDC token settlement system implemented
  • PDA token digital asset application implemented

January 2020

  • Pure Diamond Network System 2.0 update
  • Pure Diamond Wallet update
  • PDA token digital asset application update


Shigy Ishida - CSO
Diamonds & Antwerp Ambassador

Mr. Ishida was appointed the Diamonds & Antwerp Ambassador from AWDC in Belgium and is an expert with a high degree of knowledge of diamonds. Ishida wanted to import more diamonds into Japan and had thoughts to import relatively inexpensive American lab-grown diamonds. However, he recalls of one time when he came across a Japanese-made lab-grown diamond and was shocked by its high quality. Since then, he began seriously considering the possibility of exporting this high-quality Japanese lab-grown diamond to the rest of the world.

Takuya Ito - Managing Director
GM - Sarine Diamond Technologies Ltd.

Mr. Ito is appointed Senior Managing Director, Pure Diamond Co., Ltd. Ito says he feels that there is a big possibility for inexpensive lab-grown diamonds to be as viable as natural diamonds as the former are of the same quality as the latter. Speaking of the diamond industry, in the past, those who wanted diamonds were unable to obtain them as they were simply too expensive. Since lab-grown diamonds are trading at half the price of natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds have the potential to solve this issue. Ito holds seminars in a mission to distribute lab-grown diamonds and delivering diamonds to as many people as possible.

Jun Kawasaki - CTO
‘White-Hat’ Hacker

Mr. Kawasaki is a young engineer who was active as an ethical hacker and had even worked on the NEM cases. He says that this project provides him with less security. Unlike traditional diamonds, introducing blockchain technology increases the transparency of trading and minimizes the risk of buying fakes. Information is recorded on the P2P network via encryption using blockchain technology. By functioning as a decentralized ledger, fair and unimpressible communication becomes possible. Unlike natural diamonds, it is possible to say that the risk of buying fakes is small, and as such, the risk of fraud is small too.

Grant Yim - Advisor
COO - RS20 Group Ltd.

Mr. Yim is the marketing and technical advisor for the Pure Diamond Project board. A newcomer to the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, Grant has amassed diverse experience from the Jewellery Industry and e-commerce related businesses. He is currently the CEO of the RS20 Group, a Hong Kong based marketing solution firm. Mr. Yim holds a bachelor’s degree in Law, graduating from the University of Exeter in Devon, United Kingdom in 2017. He brings practical legal and business professionalism to the Pure Diamond Project.

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