Important Notice.Regarding the PDC Token Distribution and Lockup.


Regarding the PDC Token Distribution and Lockup.

Thank you for your continuous support.

From December 15, 2018 Lockup will be implemented with PDC Token distribution. Token sales contributors will get a 10% distribution regarding the total number of tokens entitled to receive.

Afterwards, when the PDC Token is listed on the exchange market, the Lockup will be released by 10% every month, therefore all PDC tokens will be released in nine months.

Regarding other project teams and stakeholders, the Lockup will be gradually canceled from 10 months after the listing on the exchange market.

Updates and detailed information will be announced on the official website.

In addition, we will keep you informed about the details of the Exchange, too.

Sorry for the inconvenience and for the late announcement concerning the Llockup.

The PDC Token becomes a driving force of a sustainable economy and will be an indispensable measure to make the PDC token economy successful.

Thank you and best regards,

PDC Operation Team